MAGDALENA BOCZARSKA (1978), is one the most talented Polish actresses. After finishing the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow she had her debut in the New Theatre in Lodz in the play entitled ”Kurka Wodna”. Her performance instantly earned her recognition of the audience and shortly an award of the XXVIII Theatre Confrontations in Opole.

Exeptional sensitivity and intuition in choosing roles allow her to create characters, who engrave in viewer’s memory, e.g. in („Little Rose”) or ”W ukryciu” (”In Hiding”) which earned her many awards in and outside Poland. These were, among others:

-      Golden Lions for the best actress at Gdynia Film Festival,

-      The Eagle (Polish Film Industry Award) for a leading female character,

-      „Silver Peacock” for the best actress at the International Film Festival of India in Goa

-      actor award at the Tiburon International Film Festival in San Francisco,

-      actor award at Muestra Internacional De Cine Festival in San Domingo.

Currently in Polish movie theatres, the audiance can see a film entitled ”The Art of Loving. Story of Michalina Wisłocka” where actress play the leading role. The film has occured an artistic and commercial success gathering vast audience.

Her wide spectrum of acting skills can be seen in such TV series as ”Druga Szansa” (”The Second Chance”), „The Pact”, ”The Crime”, ”Time of Honor” where she surprises the audience with each personating. She has never given up upon the theatre, where she has never stopped performing.


SZYMON BOBROWSKI (1972) graduated from Lodz Film School in 1995. Not only was he given a diploma but he won an award for his performance in ”Witches of Salem” at XIII Lodz Art Schools Performances Preview. After finishing his studies he performed in the New Theatre in Poznan, and since 1999 in the Common Theatre in Warsaw. There, he worked with many eminent actors e.g. Krystyna Janda, Janusz Gajos, Marek Kondrat or Zbigniew Zapasiewicz.

His first big screen performance took place in 1995 in ”Kamień na Kamieniu” (”Stone upon stone”). However, his true debut were ”Demony Wojny według Goi” (”The Demons of War by Goya”) directed by Władysław Pasikowski.

He has left a vivid mark upon Polish filmmaking by creating well-pronaunced, male characters. He has achieved that by skilled adjusting self-created acting style that very well reflects the reality of the world shown in the plot.

The confirmation of his talent and skills are the roles he has been given by such well renown Polish directors as: Andrzej Wajda (”Afterimage”), Wojciech Smarzowski (”Rose”), Janusz Kamiński (”Hania”), Krzysztof Zanussi (”Life As a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease”), Marek Kondrat (”Father’s Law”).

He is known to wide publicity from such TV series as ”Blood from blood”, ”Crazy Virgins Club”, ”New One”, ”Face to face”, ”Converted”.


ADAM BOBIK (1988) graduated from Warsaw Film School and is considered an unquestionable acting talent. Despite young age he created interesting characters, and his ability to selecting unconventional means of expression was recognised at the Polish Films Festival in Los Angeles, where he won the Young Talent Award for his performance in three films (”Charon”, ”Fatum”, ”Mały Palec”). In each of them, he managed to create completely different characters.

As an actor, he is opened at unconventional projects and boldly experiments with the form of his acting. He performs in projects that cross boundries drawn by traditional media, which can be seen in internet miniseries ”Ostatnia Ławka”, accessible on YouTube or in psychedelic Polish-French co-production ”Diversion End.”

He occasionally performs in silverscreen productions. Until now, he performed in productions like „Wataha”, ”Bodo”, ”Prawo Agaty”, ”Na dobre i na złe”, ”The cases of Cezary P.”, ”O mnie się nie martw”, ”Strażacy” („Firefighters”).

More and more often he being noticed by mainstream directors like Agnieszka Holland, who gave him a role in her creation ”Spoor”.



PRZEMYSŁAW BLUSZCZ (1970), graduated from the Puppet Department of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wroclaw. During his fourth year of studies he got a proposition of performing in Shakespear’s ”As You Like It” in a theatre in Legnica.

His actual stage debut was the role of Atos in Dumas’s ”Three Musketeers”, directed by Jacek Glomb.

Przemyslaw’s magnetic personality, reserved acting and the sense of frame allow him to play efficiently with viewer’s emotions, maintaining suspence from the moment he appears on screen.

In his portfolio he has got many big and silver screen roles. The ones that have made him recognisable are: the role of Leszek Martinek, the manager of „Dżem” (famous Polish blues band) in Kidawa – Błoński’s film „Skazany na Bluesa”/”Sentences to Blues”, Scharfuhrer Uwe Rappke in ”Time of Honor” TV series and other roles in such productions as „Belfer”/”The Teacher”, ”Convoy”, ”Pact”, „Po prostu przyjaźń”/”Just Friendship”, ”Blood from blood”, ”Jeziorak”, „Być jak Kazimierz Deyna”/”Be like Kazimierz Deyna”, ”Made in Poland”, ”Zero”, „W dół kolorowym wzgórzem”/”Down the colourful hill.”

The actor has been awarded with a Bronze Cross of Merit and three times, he was the winner of the Iron Curtain award for the best actor. He also won a debut award for „W dół kolorowym wzgórzem”/„Down the colourful hill” at XXIX Gdynia Film Festival.

Since 2009, he has been performing in Ateneum Theatre in Warsaw.